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Care home Kurjenmäki  

Kurjenmäki Home offers residential care services for elderly on 44 long-term places, and on nine short-term places. A short term care usually takes place in a twin room, and an obligatory reservation must be made beforehand in cooperation with the elderly care social worker. Services are always provided round-the-clock. All rooms have private toilets and shower facilities. Common facilities also include a sauna.

During their stay, we want to support the residents’ functional abilities – we encourage and motivate them to do things by themselves. Our staff is professional and works by a rehabilitative approach; we also organize daily recreational activities.

Four different units

Kurjenmäki Home offers personalized care attention in a cozy environment in four different units. The units are called Apple, Peach, Strawberry, and Blueberry.

Kurjenmäki Home operates in two floors; upstairs, there are only a long term rooms. Downstairs are the units Apple, having five short term places, and Peach with one short term place. Peach is a unit specializing in dementia care. For the residents’ safety, the doors are kept locked and secured, and the garden is surrounded by a fence.

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